!!Princess Celestia is part of the Efchan staff.


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This Article is about Efchan's Admin. For Ponychan's former admin, see: !!Celestia (PC)


The Admin's OC.

!!Princess Celestia ## Admin ## is the administrator and founder of the website Efchan, which is based on the former Ponychan board /ef/. Initially during the March mudslinging contest, she was meant to inherit Ponychan's userbase when Orange was planning on quitting, but in the end Ponychan did not shut down, and Efchan remained an imageboard based mostly around the deleted /ef/ board.

As an admin, she is praised for keeping up with the userbase and being open about site statistics, while remaining social with the community.

Her usertrip is Black Butterfly !Alyssa/pM2

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