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One of !!Octavia's numerous stickies

!!Octavia ## Retired ## was a moderator that was recruited in the summer of 2011. He is known for a great deal of stickies, among them are one of the former /rp/ stickies, the second /oat/ sticky that reiterated the home board rules, /meta/ sticky, and others. He was the primary subject of the 2011 summer mod dramafest, where he was demodded and subsequently permanently banned after repeat ban evasions during an episode of depression.

As of May 2013, his ban has been lifted.

His usertrip was Gunthor the Perilous !DrRAWRdAc2  and is currently Gunthor the Perilous !Mr.Gold.mM

!!Octavia (2)

!!Octavia ## Mod ##, as far as we know, is a moderator that was recruited in the beginning of July 2013. For reasons that have sparked some controversy, he has chosen to keep his identity secret from the public.

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