!!Luna (PC) is part of the Ponychan staff.


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Inkwell initially started off as a moderator and was promoted two months later. It must be noted that all of these staff monikers are that of the same person.

!!BigMac (II)

See main article: !!BigMac (PC).


The recruiting of Inkwell.

Following the closure of some staff internal drama that resulted in a few members quitting the team (or simply going on hiatus, no one at the time knew whether or not they would be coming back) it had become inevitable that the mod team had become severely understaffed. As a consequence, a wave of new volunteers were recruited to the official moderation team, one of them being a long-time Ponychan regular by the name Inkwell with the capcode !!BigMac## Mod ##II. While he received some backlash from some frustrated users for filling the void where last month's "MLPchan merger proposals" were plausible, he has received positive reception for his moderation style.

He also has a good experience in web programming, though due to the aftermath of the "Zamoonda" scare, he wasn't granted FTP access until !!Celestia consented a month later. He has helped with some back-end site issues with his programming abilities.

Promotion to !!Luna


For the first time ever, the administration is being partially handed alongside financial support, making Inkwell a de-facto co-owner of the site.

On August 26, he was given a massive promotion that ultimately led him to decide to revise his mod tag. As a result, this mod tag is now retired, but the former !!BigMac mod under this name now goes by his new co-owner capcode, !!Luna. (eh, he wasn't much of a reincarnation of a "Big Mac" character anyhow)

!!Luna## Admin ## is the subsequent renaming of the promoted mod, Inkwell. The purpose of this position is not only to promote to administrative power, but to hand over partial responsibility for the site's financial support and the hiring of new mods, and that !!Celestia will remain "for the time being", though it was later revealed that the site was entirely under his name. He also mentioned in the announcement that the site rules need revision, and moderation will be revisited to make sure that it's consistent, unbiased and never angry. The users that are still getting to know Inkwell do not have an opinion yet on these upcoming changes, though the people who met him at the convention meetup back in June seem to give him a significant amount of support.

Many users, whom had run into server issues had been concerned and visibly frustrated at his significant fallback in presence. His persistent absenteeism and prolonged decisionmaking are by far the most common heard criticism over his conduct, though in his brief appearances, he is liked for his positivity and friendliness.

As of September 2014, he promoted Fenolio and Admiral to community admins to account for his extended absences, though he still remains solely responsible for hiring new staff members.

His usertrip is  Inkwell !TiMeSprkLE

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