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!!Littlepip## Admin ## is the system administrator of MLPchan that was not only recruited in the initial batch, but coded the site from the very beginning. He’s been the site’s security specialist and SysAdmin since early July 2012. Regarded as one of the most legitimate security experts in the fandom, he’s been involved in prestigious cybersecurity competitions and finalist for several years running. He came into the pony community sometime earlier that year via the /b/ pony threads, back when /mlp/ didn’t exist and ponies still reigned in /b/. Once the mods started cracking down on ponies on /b/, the possibility of a new imageboard was popularized again, and Ponychan wasn’t an option.

Usually he only moderates the site if it means not stepping out of his way to do so, as he already has enough duties as the site’s official coder, and even when he does moderate, he is pretty laid back but occasionally has to impose bans when necessary. He's received much praise for his excellent coding capabilities that have expanded upon, and often made improvements to the tinyboard code base.

He has also made several noteworthy contributions to the improvement of other sites' coding, finding and determining solutions to security issues with Ponychan's code or passing along security concerns to its various administrators, providing information about his own work to other sites in the fandom, as well as assisting Efchan in its transferal to an entirely new codebase. He is listed in the credits of several other pony communities for his contributions.

You can usually find him on /b/ and Friends, if not anywhere else.

His usertrip is Macil !/5s/Techmk

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