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!!Fluttershy I

!!Fluttershy## Retired ##I was an MLPchan moderator recruited in the initial batch of moderators in July 12.

Tom originally came to the pony fandom with the /b/ pony threads on 4chan, where he was a well known part of the core community and one of its elder statesman.

His first language is French, and his accent is widely regarded as incredibly sexy and alluring during his streams of the Interchan League of Legends Tournament. He took an indefinite leave of absence at the beginning of 2014 for a well deserved break.

His usertrips are Tom' the /♥/ bringer !tHOMASuvlQ (banned on 4chan) and his 4chan alternative Tom' !THOMAsTT4. .

!!Fluttershy II

!!Fluttershy## Mod ##II is the current MLPchan moderator bearing the yellow pony's moniker. TPWPF, as he's known, originally came from Ponychan's /pony/ board, a member of the /pony/ After Dark crew and a regular contributor to show discussion threads.

TPWPF has run episode-viewing and discussion threads, and was chosen to take on the !!Fluttershy## Mod ## role for his high involvement and steady disposition in the community.

His username is The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy .

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