!!Derpy (MLPC) is part of the MLPchan staff.


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This is how he treats moderation duties


!!Derpy ## Mod ## is a faget who was recruited on the initial batch of moderators.

He posts almost exclusively on /chat/ and is usually under his user trip, even when performing acts of moderation. Usually he is playful and/or friendly. He's somewhat neglectful of mod duties but tries to come through when called upon by the admin.

He has a history of friendship with Anonthony and helped back the efforts of founding MLPChan. His habit of participating in /meta/ discussions with Anonthony resulted in being seen as an "attack dog" by at least one person. It also probably doesn't help that he is, in actuality, one quarter dog.

He is one of the head admins of the Interchan Tournaments.

His usertrip is  Derpymouz !TheMouZ8I6

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