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The name "!!DaringDo" has been associated with a few people on Ponychan's /fic/ board alongside their IRC channel.

!!DaringDo I

(109) -fic- - The Times They Are A-Changin'

!!DaringDo's mod announcement.

!!DaringDo## Retired ##I was a mod of Ponychan's /fic/ board that was recruited on November 26, 2012, via personal selection by the staff to help alleviate the aftermath of the drama concerning the board from the previous summer. However, he has moved to other recreational boards as well, including /art/, but much of his personal activity dates back to mid-2011. Already being a heavy user, he communicated with members of this board alongside with MLPchan's parallel and collaborating with their then-mod, !!Spike.

He was known to rarely use his capcode, and almost never used avatars when posting. But he was very organized and understanding. In late December, he announced he was moving away and would be absent from his position until February. 

His vanishment remained a mystery for a long time. After five months following !!DaringDo's inexplicable vanishment, /fic/ regulars had come to a conclusion that his mod seat was pretty much a lost cause. However, there had still been no official word on whether or not his account is planning to be removed. He has been a loyal and active user up until he left. On April 27, !!DaringDo's contact info was removed from the staff list, which marks his official resignation. His mod account remained open for a while, then it was transferred to the next available mod. 

Seattle appeared in /fic/ in a review thread, for the first time in over a year. However, he doesn't seem to have any plans on returning as a regular poster.

His usertrip was  Seattle_Lite !C6/9YiYc6I .

!!DaringDo II


Roger syncing generals across both sites

Sometime in early September, long-time member of /fic/ whom also has an extensive programming history involving the site had volunteered. This makes much sense, as he now cross moderates both /fic/ on Ponychan and MLPchan in attempt to revive it and update the community's outdated etiquette. The whole concept of the rule "No throw-away threads" for example, is considered outdated and is no longer enforced.

He's the only mod that has ever cross-moderated both Ponychan and MLPchan at the same time. As of January 2014, at the archival and closing of MLPchan's /fic/, he currently remains a Ponychan for the remainder of Ponychan /fic/'s time left.

His usertrip is  Roger !DodgeR9Q6o

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