!!BigMac (PC) was part of the Ponychan staff.


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!!BigMac I

!!BigMac## Mod ##I was a Ponychan Moderator who was recruited in October 2012. He was known to post mostly in /chat/ and /oat/, but as his duties, he would also moderate and reason with posters inside /fic/, /meta/ and /collab/. He would often resolve or dispute bans with ginormous walls of text and didn't often dismiss ban appeals prematurely. He was also known for his decent PR skills and getting along with outsiders of the site.

He more than likely took the character of Rainbow Dash or Discord when he posts with his usertrip. While he gets along with !!ShiningArmor and !!Trixie very well, he rarely fell into part of their inevitable shenanigans unless he had a few beers in him. Well at least not with his capcode on, as far as we know. He had mentioned in /gala/ that while he uses a trip on Ponychan, he wouldn't be caught dead with one outside the premise of the site.

In his history as a mod, he pushed for a less ban-heavy style of moderation with more emphasis on warnings. This was met with generally positive reactions, though there were some who find that this resulted in banning being avoided in situations that legitimately called for such disciplinary action. He also led the charge in early December 2012 to cut back wordfilters from Ponychan.

Throughout the end of March, he suddenly became less active as a moderator over time without public explanation. On April 3, however, he announced that his real-life work schedule has taken up his hours as a mod, and can no longer commit to a site with an 80-hour work schedule, and thereby claimed resignation after maintaining the site for six months.

His usertrip is  HawkeyePierce !rZkYMBqxQs

!!BigMac II

See main article: !!Luna


The recruiting of Inkwell.

!!BigMac## Mod ##II is a moderator that was appointed in the summer batch of 2013. He has been a user on Ponychan since the Spring of 2011. Just like the rest of the batch, his recruiting was met with much skepticism, but in addition for Inkwell, a blessing from the former !!BigMac mod. He was later granted FTP access by consent from !!Celestia after a few reviews of his identity proved that his was authentic. He has recently helped with the site's technical backends with his solid knowledge on web programming.

On August 26, he was given a massive promotion that ultimately led him to decide to revise his mod tag. As a result, this mod tag is now retired, but the former !!BigMac mod under this name now goes by his new co-owner capcode, !!Luna. (eh, he wasn't much of a reincarnation of a "Big Mac" character anyhow)

His usertrip is Inkwell !TiMeSprkLE

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