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!!Applejack ## Admin ## is the MLPchan community administrator and founder. He founded the website with the help of fellow pony fans from 4chan's /b/ pony threads and current and former Ponychan users and staff on Friday, July 13, 2012.

Originally a member of the 4chan /b/ pony threads throughout much of the early year of the fandom. He is most strongly associated with the /b/ & friends community, /pony/ After Dark and /oat/.

He approaches the community not as a ruler, yet not so much to omit his input on the site as a facilitator. When he is sure that his decisions will change the site for the better, he remains confident, and he has received much positive response from the community for it, both on his home site and on /mlp/. He has a history of helping the sites' users whenever he can, and responds (with textwalls of biblical proportions) as soon as he can. Despite having dealt with the Zamoonda fiasco numerous times in the past on on Ponychan and MLPchan which has brought him to a self-admitted paranoia on the matter, the community views him as a level-headed guy.


"HOLY SHIT PRIVATE-wtf is this? He's got my little pny shit, pokemon, som..wh. What the fucks a big guy like you doing with all th-I dont wanna know. You know what private? Lets hang this up on the wall for everyone to read!"

During the turn of events on /mlp/ that were later dubbed, "The Scruffening", !!Applejack contacted 4chan's admin, moot, to ask to intervene the fruitless banswinging storms that have disturbed the content creation on there. However, the mods were initially unwilling to oblige them immediately.

In August 2013, he took a leave of absence to pursue his military training and unofficially handed site management to the current technical admin, !!Littlepip , and a dedicated mod, !!Fluttershy. The site's users on /oat/ collaborated on a greeting card while he was away. He returned around the end of the year.

His usertrip was  Anonthony !EEEEEEEE2c Anonthony !1NZ.......  and now  Anonthony !AppLeJAcK. .

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